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It’s always difficult for parents when their children are sick, but it can be especially worrying when the child is a baby. Babies cannot tell you exactly where they hurt or what is wrong. And so you have to rely on your parenting skills to find out what illness they may be suffering from. One of the first things you need to do is take your child’s temperature. Technology has made it possible to choose from a wide variety of thermometers on the market. And each has its advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the common types of infant thermometers and how they might be able to help you when your baby is sick.

Pacifier Infant Thermometer

If your infant is extremely fussy and hard to calm. Then a pacifier thermometer may be the best way to get a reading. And your baby not even know that anything is different. However, these thermometers must be kept in the mouth without moving for three to five minutes. Which may be more difficult for infants or for children who are suffering from stuffy noses. Many doctors also believe that pacifier thermometers do not give accurate readings. And they may ask for a reading from a different thermometer.

Tympanic Infant Thermometers

Tympanic, or digital ear thermometers can give you an accurate temperature. If your child is over six months old and does not have any earwax buildup or a curved ear canal. These thermometers are easy to use and can give reliable readings on older children and adults. They are not recommended for newborns because the ear canals are too narrow to position the thermometer correctly.

Infrared Infant Thermometers

infrared thermometre

Temporal artery thermometers are used to scan the temperature of the artery in the forehead. And they provide fairly accurate results when used properly. Many pediatricians’ offices even use this type of infrared thermometer on their patients. Temporal artery thermometers can be used on children ages 3 months and older. And they may even be accurate for newborns. They are extremely easy to use, but they are more expensive than other types of thermometers.

Digital Thermometers

digital thermometer

Digital thermometers can be used in the mouth, in the armpit or in the rectum. Rectal readings are the most accurate for newborns under three months old. This is made much less bothersome with the use of thermometers. Make sure that you label your thermometers so that you know which one should be used rectally. And which one should be used orally.

There are several types of thermometers on the market. And it can be confusing for parents to decide which one is best. If you still have trouble choosing the perfect thermometer for your baby. Then talk to your pediatrician to see which one he recommends.

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